I’m at a client that has the users “My Documents” on a share drive, so that when you logon to any computer, you have your “My Documents” available.

The question is, how to get that directory/path name?

Why? You might want to write a C# program to access one of the files there, or you might want the path to put in Total Commander as short cut.

There may be better methods, but this is what I did.

I opened PowerShell ISE, and typed in “Get-Location” as the text of my program. I then did a “File Save As”, navigated to the “My Documents” directory and saved it.

I then pressed F5 to run it. It actually failed, but the error at least gave me the path name, as shown below:

S C:\WINDOWS\system32> \\abcServerName\Users$\johndoe\My Documents\GetLocation.ps1
File \\abcServerName\Users$\johndoe\My Documents\GetLocation.ps1 cannot be loaded 
because running scripts is disabled on this system. For more information, see 
about_Execution_Policies at https:/go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=135170.
    + CategoryInfo          : SecurityError: (:) [], ParentContainsErrorRecord 
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnauthorizedAccess


Amazon AWS re:invent reinvent 2019 – Andy Jassy CEO AWS – Notes 12/04/2019

Stats: 65,000 attendees, Public Sector Using: 10,000 Academic 25,000 Non Profits

AWS NHitro

Decided to design and build chips
Bought Annapurna Labs (Chip Designers Builders from Israel), and design build chips themselves.
Graviton ARM chip announced last year (A1 Instances)

Article about Amazon’s acquisition of Annapurna Labs

Version Graviton Chips announcement

40% better price performance than last generation X86 processors today.

3x throughput, 40% less cost than current best NVIDIA chips.
Coming to SageMaker in 2020.

AWS Fargate – Serverless – tell CPU and Memory, upload containers, it does the rest.
Super popular – new customers – 40% start with Fargate because easier to create containers. Didn’t work for EKS /Kubernates, but it will now.

Amazon Fargate for Amazon EKS

31:45 CEO of Goldman Sachs – is also a DJ David M Solomon
They have 9000 engineers trying to make finance work better.
Credit Card Business – they underpin AppleCard
150 year old company, new to consumer finance.
2020 – Launching Transaction Banking – built on AWS.
//.marquee – platform, APIs

Moving from Windows to Linux – has been happening for several years.
IDC estimates that in 2020 80% of workloads will be on Linux.
More vibrant community around Linux.

System Integrators – (called “SI’s”)
Moving enterprises to cloud done by
Companies like: Slomon and Rackspace.
Or born in the cloud SIs, Onaca, Clearscale
Lot’s of choices in partners in moving to the cloud.

Data Silos – Data Lakes – S3 as Data Lake – Announcing: Amazon S3 Access Points


concurrency scaling
materialized views
Lake House
Federated Queries across data stores
Daily Lake Export
Redshift 2x faster, 75% less expensive
Announcing: Redshift RA3 Instances with Managed Storage
Announcing AQUA – Advanced Query Accelerator
Allows Redshift run up to 10x faster
speeds up compression/decryption
work on data there on raw storage without having to move it.
Available mid 2020
UltraWarm – warm storage on steroids for Elasticsearch service

HashTag #DBFreedom – means the right tool for the job
IOT – Timeseries – announced TimeStream
crypto/ledger – QLDB
DocumentDB is MonoDatabase compatible. (JSON store)

Yet one was missing – Cassandra – hard to manage on premises…
Rollback was clunky, many operating on old versions.
Announcing: Amazon Managed Cassandra Service (compat 3.11 release)
They now support about 10 different database formats/styles/tools.

1:20:00 Machine Learning

Start with the right data store then the right machine learning.
Twice as much Machine Learning as anybody else.

CEO of Cerner – Brent Shafer

How using Machine Learning to improve healthcare.
Learning, predicting, preventing problems.


Three layers of Machine Learning

Bottom for experts comfortable with frame works:
TensorFlow, PyTorch, and mxnet
85% of TensorFlow in cloud runs on AWS
has a whole team dedicating to making that faster.
Roughly 20% faster than other platforms.
SageMaker – opens ML to more people
Groundtroop – year ago, easier to label data
marketplace algos
first refinforcement learning into a service
one click training
NEO – train once and compile everyplace on the edge
Announcing: Sagemaker Studio – development environment
– web-based IDE, collect code, data, notebooks, etc…
– make it easier ot build a model
– Announcing Sagebook Notebooks with elastic compute
– Announcing Sagemaker Experiments – build, tune, automatically
– Announcing Sagemaker Debugger – with feature prioritization, which features are having impact on your model.
– Hard to find the “Concept drift” – Announcing SageMaker Model Monitor (detects concept drift)
Unfilled promises of AutoML
Announcing Sagemaker Autopilot – training with no loss of visibility or control, trains 50 different models. Gives you a notebook/recipe for each model. Provides ranked leaderboard with accuracy of each.
1:48:45 Dr Matt Wood of Artificial Intelligence
Top Layer – Vision Recognition, Speech, Transcribe/Poly, OCR, NLP, etc…
Lex, Personalize and Forecasting
Announcing: Amazon Fraud Detector
Announcing Amazon CodeGuru (automatic code review, and identifies poorly performing code, provides assessment of your code down to the line, AWS best practices, concurrency issues, incorrect handling, identify correct input validation (example, improve 325% CPU utilization on Amazon Prime Day code)
People wanted analytics on their phone calls –
Announcement: Contact Lens for existing Amazon Connect
Detect positive/negative sentiment, long periods of silence,
people talking over each other, various searches, dashboards,
Adding real-time in 2020.

Announcing Amazon Kendra – new enterprise search with machine learning (NLP) – explained by Dr Matt Wood 2:10:10
Identify data, Provide FAQs, Sync and Index
Example Questions you can ask: Where is the IT Support desk? What time is it open?

Past? VMWare on AWS.
What about apps still on premises.
Announcing AWS Outputs – AWS infrastructure on premises
Can use Native AWS interface (now) or VMWare Cloud on AWS (2020)

AWS Local Zones – infrastructure deploy that places computer, storage, database services close to large cities. Starting today in LA by invitation.

Mobile Users/Connected Devices – How to leverage 5G

2;26:40 CEO of Verizon – Hans Vestberg
“5G Edge”

AWS Wavelength – embedded at the edge of 5G
Embedded AWS infrastructure – fewer hops to get to the device.

What do you need to import with the “using” statement in C# to be able to work with SQL?

For Microsoft

using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient; 

System.Data includes the DataReader, DataAdapter, Connetions, Commands and so on (from ADO.NET).

For Oracle

using System.Data;
using Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client;
using Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Types;