Powershell – Find Most Recent 12 Files from Folder Pattern

My disk folder structure is like this: D:\Application\DEV D:\Application\DEV\Cust1 D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Archive D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Archive\210 D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Archive\204 D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Inbound D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Inbound\204 D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Inbound\210 D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Outbound D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Outbound\204 D:\Application\DEV\Cust1\Outbound\210 Similar for \Cust2 Similar for \Cust3 etc I was looking for a sample 210 EDI Invoice to use in testing; and I wanted the most recent ones. It turns out you can put a wildcard in the […]

What is the \App_Data\Temp\WcfServiceDescription.xml and how can it be used?

Any time you use the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard, it creates an IIS website with various content, including a “Temp” directory. The Temp directory has two entries: 1) BindingInfo.xml – can be used to create a Receive Port and Receive Location tied to your published web service 2) WcfServiceDescription.xml – this is the one […]

How to Create a Request-Only (No Response) WCF Service

To create a request-only (or one-way) webservice in BizTalk using the WCF-Service-Publishing-Wizard can be a little confusing at first. After the first couple of screens, the wizard shows the screen below You cannot delete the Response message. What you have to do is delete Operation1, then right click on the Service, select “Add Web method.”, […]

SQL to XREF List Maps for SendPorts and ReceivePorts in BizTalk

I’ve been doing a lot of “forensic” research on converting old systems lately. Sometimes I need to look at hundreds of ports at once, and opening each one separately to check the map is way to slow! There are several joins required. The actual mapname is in the more generic bts_item table. You can get […]

Delete Send/Receive Ports with Powershell

This program uses a mix of Object Explore Model (ExplorerOM) and BizTalk Provider for Powershell to delete Send/ReceivePorts that match certain naming conventions. We were refactoring an application and re-adding ports under a different application, so needed a script to delete the old pots. If you run this script, I do of course suggest you […]

SQL to Xref BizTalk SendPort to Party

If you try to delete an application or a SendPort, you might find that SendPort is used on an EDI Trading-Partner (party). There is no easy xref in BizTalk to show you which party might be tied to that send port. Usually the naming conventions will help, but not always. This SQL query gives you […]

List of all CmdLets (Commands) for the BizTalk Provider for Powershell

You can list the cmdlets yourself with this command: <pre>Get-Command | where { $_.ModuleName -like "BizTalk*" } </pre> But here is a convenient list in text format: CommandType Name ———– —- Cmdlet Add-ApplicationReference Cmdlet Add-ApplicationResource Cmdlet Deploy-Policy Cmdlet Disable-ReceiveLocation Cmdlet Enable-ReceiveLocation Cmdlet Enlist-Orchestration Cmdlet Enlist-SendPort Cmdlet Enlist-SendPortGroup Cmdlet Export-Application Cmdlet Export-Bindings Cmdlet Export-Policy Cmdlet Get-ApplicationResourceSpec […]