BizTalk EDI “Leading or trailing space found”

How to solve this Error <pre> A message sent to adapter "FILE" on send port "sp_856_EDI_Out_FILE" with URI "e:\Messages\MyApp\Process\856EDI_Temp\%SourceFileName%" is suspended. Error details: Unable to read the stream produced by the pipeline. Details: Error: 1 (Field level error)   SegmentID: N4   Position in TS: 9   Data Element ID: N401   Position in Segment: 1   Data Value:   6: […]

ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher in BizTalk

    a:ActionNotSupported   The message with Action '&lt;BtsActionMapping xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""&gt;   &lt;Operation Name="Method1" Action="" /&gt;   &lt;Operation Name="Method2" Action="" /&gt;   &lt;…' cannot be processed at the receiver, due to a ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. This may be because of either a contract mismatch (mismatched Actions between sender and receiver) or a binding/security mismatch between the sender and […]

Identifier “abc” does not exist in ‘global_NS.Appname”; are you missing an assembly reference?

I got this error today in a BizTalk orchestration: “Identifier “abc” does not exist in ‘global_NS.AppName”; are you missing an assembly reference?” Basically, the auto-complete (Intellisense) wasn’t giving my .BizTalkComponents namespace after I typed in “AppName.”. So I typed it in anyway, and pressed CNTL-Space-Bar, and that’s when the error occured. I had typed in […]

BizTalk – Basic Authentication with SOAP 1.1 Web Service

This blog explains how to pass userid/password using Basic Authentication to a SOAP 1.1 web service. It took me about 2 1/2 days of trying different things to get it working. SOAP-UI was working, and I couldn’t get any of the Basic-HTTP, WS-HTTP, or WCF-Custom SendPorts to work, even after creating a “behaviorEnhancement” plug-in. Since […]

Cannot Connect to Target Schema in BizTalk Map

What do you when you cannot connect an element on the left to one on the right in a Biztalk map?  Today, I had a case where I was trying to update a map created by another developer.  I thought the values on the right side were missing, but later I noticed they had a […]

Mass Replace Text in All Files in a Windows Directory

Today I needed to do a mass string replace in all files in a directory.  Years ago, I used to use BKReplacem.  Today I found FNR – Find and Replace, a free utility that worked great the first tiem I ran it. At my current client, someone had created a BizTalk project a year ago, […]

C# to Write to MSMQ

This blog shows how to write to MSMQ from C#. In an earlier blog, I showed how to write to MSMQ from Powershell. There are two tricks: 1) With Transactional Queues you have to include the Transaction, and also specify the second parm on the .Send method. 2) MessagePriority is only supported in non-transactional queues. […]

Overview of BizTalk 2010/2013 EDI Batching

I had to spend a few hours today to dig into the batching features of BT2010 (I don’t think 2013 is much different, but don’t know about earlier releases). The MSDN walkthrough can be found here:  2010 or 2013.  Finding the MSDN doc for BT2010 itself was a bit of a challenge. In my case, […]

BizTalk Error: You have selected an invalid pipeline component

You can an “Invalid Pipeline Component” error when you browse to a .DLL in the “Choose Toolbox Items” dialog box. Error “You have selected an invalid pipeline component assembly. Please check security settings for the assembly if you are loading it from an UNC path.” Solution This Patric Wellink blog put on the right path […]

Day of Week in Oracle

Sample SQL <pre> select     to_char(sysdate,'D') as NumDayOfWeek,     to_char(sysdate,'DY') as DayOfWeek,     to_char(sysdate,'Dy') as DayOfWeekLower,     case when to_char(sysdate,'D') = 3 then 3 else 1 end as DaysBack     from dual; </pre> Result of Query Explanation to_char(sysdate,’D’) returns 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday etc… “dual” is of course the dummy table used to run a select statement when […]