MEX vs WSDL and base address matches scheme http error

When you publish a BizTalk schema or a BizTalk orchestration as a webservice, you may find you have left the warm comfort of BizTalk and now have to become an IIS and WCF expert. MEX, WSDL, Endpoints From what I have gleaned from the sites below, you really don’t need “MEX” endpoints. “MEX” stands for […]

Do you like to GAC in BizTalk?

Are you a GACer? Or do you redeploy every time? Do you like to GAC in BizTalk? I suppose it depends a lot on the place you work, the attitudes, and the procedures in place, and what security you have, and who does the deploys. The last place I worked, I inherited what I affectionately […]

Writing to the Application EventLog from BizTalk Orchestration

Every once in a while, I need to write to the Application EventLog from a BizTalk Orchestration, although I usually have my own SQL trace that I write to. On almost all the overrides for WriteEntry, the first parameter is “Source”. I suggest you try some existing source, such as “XLANG/s” or “BizTalk Server”. You […]

RegEx Mass Rename Files with PowerShell

Sometimes you need to quickly do a mass rename of a large number of files in a directory. Rename a file like this: ABC_20150321124112_1801.xml to a filename like this: XYZ_201503211241.xml Sample Code cls cd "C:\TempRename" Get-ChildItem -Filter *.xml | Foreach-Object{      $NewName = $_.Name -replace "ABC_(.*?)\d{2}_\d{4}.xml", "XYZ_`$1.xml"    Write-Host $NewName    Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName […]

BizTalk Map – Initialize an Empty Group Element

It is not hard to initialize an empty group element in a BizTalk map. After ten years of BizTalk, I don’t remember having to do it before, and at first, I thought I would have to create an XSLT functoid. That works to, but here is the easy way. I had a customer who had […]

BizTalk – WCF – The request service… could not be activated

Error: A client C# program was call an orchestration published as a web service. I was turning on Basic Authenticiation in BizTalk and IIS. C# client program kept getting: “The requested service [service name] could not be activated. See the server’s dianostic trace logs for more information. My Solution: NOTE: This may not be your […]

Xpath – selecting element by attribute value

Using the sample data below, I wanted to get all the Link node that have LinkID = 13 (not the Junk node). Sample data <whatever>   <Links>       <Link LinkID='13' />       <Junk LinkID='13' />       <Link LinkID='1' />       <Link LinkID='13' />   </Links> </whatever> What fails are these: //*[local-name()=’Link’]/*[@LinkID=’13’] (XPath returned 0 items) //*[local-name()=’Links’]/[local-name()=’Links’ and @LinkID=’13’] ( Unexpected token […]

Take Inventory of Your BizTalk Artifacts

Do you need to “take inventory” of your BizTalk artifacts (assets)? I.e. Get a simple count or high-level summary for your BizTalk Artifacts? For years, we’ve had tools like BizTalk Documenter (free on CodePlex), but that just works for one application. What if you walk into a client site and you want to know in […]

How I Found a SQL Injection Hacker

This is how I found a SQL Injection Hacker who was changing all the product titles in my custom shopping cart using a diabolical injection technique. First, I knew the problem was happening, because I saw HTML inserted into my product titles and product descriptions of my database and website. My application was written in […]

Two BTDF Mistakes SSOSettingsFileImport.exe and Cannot Enlist Orchestration

Error: SSOSettingsFileImport.exe /userGroupName:"BizTalk Application Users" /adminGroupName:"BizTalk Server Administrators" exited with code 1 Solution: In this case, you probably didn’t change the values of the SsoAppUserGroup and SsoAppAdminGroup in the default SettingsFileGenerator.xml, and your site has different user groups for SSO. Error: Could not enlist orchestration… Solution: This can happen when you forget to change the […]