Unintentional Debatching with a Flat-File

I’m receiving a csv flat-file. It’s debatching in the pipeline, causing one orchestration to start for each row.

Sometimes I desire such behavior, but in this case I don’t.

I can’t figure out what is making it debatch. The pipeline refers to two schemas, the header and document schema.

Neither one has “Envelope=true” and thus neither had the “Body XPath” parameter set.

Any ideas what else makes it debatch?

The Flat-file disassembler does not use the Envelope semantic to debatch a message.
It uses the structure of the schemas.

If a schema has this structure


Then the Flatfile disassembler will debatch by row.

To receive the entire message change the schema to

<message><row maxOccurs=”unbounded”><field/><field/><field/></row></message>

Thanks to Greg Forsythe in the BizTalkGurus.com forum.


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