SVN – search server/repository from client for program name

Suppose you have a large code base, and you just want to search for a program name, without downloading the codebase to your local disk.  If the naming conventions are hierarchical, you can usually use the “repo-browser”, for example that comes with Tortoise-SVN.  But if a program is named differently from the hierarchical directory structure, finding a program can be quite a search.

At first, I though “svnlookup” was the answer, but that can only be run on the server.  Specifying the server URL on this command


This seems to be what I was looking for:

For Windows without Grep command:

svn list -R https://subversion-repo/subfolder | findstr filename

or if you have a “grep” command:

svn list -R https://subversion-repo/subfolder | grep filename

To search just the “Trunk” if you have grep command:

svn list -R https://subversion-repo/subfolder | grep Trunk.*filename

It can take several minutes to run.






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