Problems calling C# from a BizTalk Map

I’ve done this many times before, but today, I had numerous issues.

1. I didn’t give the C# subroutine a strong name, and thus it wasn’t in the GAC. This result in “Load Failure” or “Could not load file or assembly…”

2. GacUtil getting code 1 or code 3. I think the code 1 was that I was using a different release of .NET, but not sure. Then the code 3 was because I didn’t have a strong name on it. Obviously, you cannot GAC without a strong name. (I also run a PowerShell to do a GAC, but it gives no errors at all; I’m going to start using GACUTIL instead of that; because at least it gives error when it needs to. The PowerShell fails silently, and acts like it worked.

3. I wrote a C# console tester, then discovered that I forgot to make the methods static; did that, tested in Console, then did a GACUTIL again.

4. Orchestration was still failing. I tried resume, but ended up having to do a full deploy, restart hosts, and resubmit data. I think the fact that whether the routines were static or not was somehow embedded in the map in the same project in which the orchestration was found.


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