Orchestration – Secret Trick to Find where Message is Used

Suppose you have taken over someone else’s BizTalk orchestration, and it’s huge. You make some changes, and you get a compile error like this:

 error X2110: use of unconstructed message 'ExceptionMsg'

Sometimes you can click on the error, and it will take you to the proper location. If that doesn’t work, here the “secret trick”.

Rename the message in the Orhcestration View. For example, put a “2” or the word “bad” on the end.

Now, go to the Orchestration, and scroll down looking for the red exclamation points. That should show you everywhere that message is used.

Now, you should be able to find the cause of the error with a little scrolling and opening a minimal number of shapes.

Same tricks works for variables, to find or cross reference where a variable is used in the orchestration.


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