BizTalk Error btm1044 Transaction Set Control Number Mismatch


error btm1044: Input validation error: Non Segment level : [3] Transaction Set Control Number Mismatch


I was doing a test map on a BizTalk map in Visual Studio.
The data was in XML format, not EDI, so I’m surprised it tried to enforce this error. I would expect that to only occur a Receive Pipeline with real EDI data.


<ns0:X12_00401_204 xmlns:ns0="">

        <!-- middle part omitted -->   



In the example above, I had to set the SE02 value to the same as the ST02 value. Note also that SE01 should be the number of EDI segments, including the ST and SE segments.

NOTE: You would presumably get the same error if you drop an EDI file into a Receive Location with an EDI pipeline.


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