Powershell to get total disk space used per directory

With BizTalk, we often archive files in a disk directory, where each Vendor has its own archive.

Simple Example

I found the simple example below, then expanded upon:

Get-ChildItem E:\Archive | Measure-Object -Property Length -sum

Source from http://woshub.com/powershell-get-folder-sizes/

Fancy Example

This starts with the Archive directory then basically runs the command above for each subdirectory. One trick was to get the variables from the “measure-object”, and the second trick was how to present the data. Just using Write-Host statements looked very ugly.

To present the data, I wanted to use the Out-GridView. To do that, I had to load a HashTable in a list, and pass that List to the Out-GridView. I haven’t got all the numbers right-justified yet, perhaps soon.

$topDirectories = Get-ChildItem $startDir -Directory  
$countDir = 0 
$List = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList

foreach ($dir in $topDirectories) 
   $countDir = $countDir + 1
   #if ($countDir -gt 1) {exit}
   #Write-Host "Dir: $($dir.FullName)"
   $measure = Get-ChildItem $dir.FullName -Recurse | Measure-Object -Property Length -sum
   Write-Host $dir.BaseName $measure.Count $measure.Sum 

   ## Empty directory seems to have null values 
   if ($measure.Sum -eq -$null) 
       $SizeMB = 0 
       $SizeMB = $measure.Sum / 1024 / 1024 

    $Hash = [ordered]@{
         Directory=  $dir.Fullname 
         Count = $measure.Count 
         ##Size = $size.ToString().PadLeft(15,' ' ) #   $a.PadLeft(15,[char]4)
         SizeMB = [math]::Round($SizeMB *100) / 100   #round to two decimal places 

    [void]$List.Add(( [pscustomobject]$Hash  ))


$List | Out-GridView -Title 'Drive Space' 

Sample Output


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