BizTalk SQL Queries – Orchestrations/SendPorts either way

I’m adding to my collection of SQL queries that run against the BizTalk database. The first query below goes from Orchestration to Send Port. If the orchestration uses Direct Binding, it will have a logical Orchestration PortName, but no bindings to a SendPort. The second query goes from SendPort to Orchestration. I’d love to show […]

How to Set URL and Authorization Token in BizTalk Dynamic REST Post

Here are some samples that might be useful if you need to dynamically send a REST “POST” message. Of course, in the real world, the token and the URL would probably be some type of configuration variable. YourMsgRequestName(WCF.HttpHeaders) =         "Accept: application/json" +         "\r\n" +         "Content-Type: application/json " +         "\r\n" +         "X-AUTH-TOKEN: yourSecretAuthTokenHere" ; // Add […]

Access denied \AppData\Local\Temp\PID###### does not appear to be a BizTalk Assembly

Access denied and/or Error: “C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Temp\BT\PID3724\BizTalkAssembly\….dll” does not appear to be a BizTalk assembly, and cannot be deployed to the Configuration database. If this assembly is referenced by other BizTalk assemblies, it needs to be installed into the global assembly cache (GAC) of each BizTalk server. In my case, our company has a specific way of […]

Download WinSCP 5.7.7 for BizTalk 2016 (or 5.15.4 for BizTalk 2020)

According to BizTalk 2016 install requirements, if you want to use the SFTP adapter, you need to install a specific version (5.7.7) of WinSCP. If you follow the link on that page, it takes you to the current release, and there’s no obvious way to find the previous downloads. BUT – see the note below. […]

Windows Path to the BizTalk “GAC” MSIL

I often use shortcuts and forget that this is the directory/path name to the Global Assembly Cache (where BizTalk .NET components are “GAC-ed”). c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL It’s NOT this one: C:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL See prior blog: What happened to the GAC in .NET 4.0 NOTE: This is not the “BizTalk GAC”, it’s just the .NET 4.0 and above GAC. […]

EDI.Net – Library for processing EDI files

Did you ever want to know how to process (parse) or create EDI files by just using .NET C#? There is a great library that can help. I’m working on a new Udemy class that is an Intro to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Other than using more expensive enterprise systems like BizTalk, I wanted to […]

XPath 3.0 in C# with Saxonica API

Today, I was playing with using Saxonica’s .NET API in C# (Microsoft .NET). The program below was based on the sample here: c:\Saxonica\Resources\samples\cs\ExamplesHE.cs You can download the samples from Saxonica on SourceForge in the file that starts with “Resources”. Sample C# Program <pre> using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; //Do an […]

ToNoIt – Formerly Python Signals – BitCoin Trends & Forecasts

ToNoIt – “To Know it is Everything” What if you knew the big swings and trends in BitCoin and other cryptos. Marius Landman has able to correctly predict over 90% of the major swings in the market. He grew up as a poor orphan in South Africa, and went on to be on an elite […]

Email a list of new files (Powershell)

My goal here was to send myself an email of all new files received from vendors. This is assuming the files are not picked up and processed by BizTalk automatically. If that were the case, you might be able to point the folders to your archive directories and still achieve the same results. In my […]

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