BizTalk Pipeline Editor Shows Same Component Twice

Today, I was driven crazy by the Pipeline Editor in Visual Studio. I dropped two different pipeline components in it, then when I closed and re-opened it they would show the same name.

When I opened the .btp file in a text editor it looked okay. So it was apparently a problem displaying the user interface. Also, the run time was having a problem, as the pipeline component I was trying to test wasn’t being executed. My guess it was running the first one twice.

Finally, I found my issue. Yes, it was my fault!

I copied a pipeline line project from an existing one to a new one. I changed the GUID, but I failed to change the class name (and the namespace was identical). So the pipeline editor gets very confused in this scenario.

I had “public class ArbitraryXPathPropertyHandlerComp” in both C# pipeline components. I changed each to have names specific to their functions (as shown below, the name “SetAS2ToPromotedField”).

    public class <b>SetAS2ToPromotedField</b> : 

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