Quick Summary and List of BizTalk Databases

BizTalk Core Databases BizTalkMgmtDB Most entities from BizTalk Admin Console are stored in this database (applications, orchestrations, assemblies, sendports, receive ports and locations, etc…)Most updates in BizTalk Admin Console are stored in this database (applications, orchestrations, assemblies, sendports, receive ports and locations, etc…). Thus BizTalk Admin Console is basically an update program to this database. […]

BizTalk Mapper and Altova MapForce Compared

BizTalk Mapper and Altova MapForce are both tools used to data from one schema to another. A schema internally is treated as XML, but may represent a flat file, CSV, a SQL table to stored proc, or a web service request/response message. Typically the job of a B2B developer is to map data from one […]

PowerShell – Mass replace text strings for all files in a directory

Sometimes you need to mass replace all the text string for all files in a directory, or at least all files matching some file mask. Here’s a quick sample that I put together. As a BizTalk consultant, I deal with data coming in from customers or trading partners. Sometimes, that data needs to be scrubbed. […]

Accessing SQL Entities in Powershell with SQLPS

I was playing with SQLPS for the first time and wanted to save my samples for future use. Code cls Write-Host "Start" Import-Module SQLPS –DisableNameChecking Write-Host "Done with Import-Module" cd SQLSERVER:\ DIR Write-Host "`n`nList of Instances (not working?)" cd SQLSERVER:\SQL\localhost Get-ChildItem | Select instancename   Write-Host "`n`nList of Databases on Local Server default instance" cd SQLSERVER:\sql\localhost\DEFAULT\Databases   […]

Building Large SQL In List – Using RegEx and NotePad++

Suppose you have a large list of items that you want to put into a SQL in list statement, like this: where firstname in ( 'Aaron', 'Abbey', 'Abe' ) But the data you have in is Excel or a text file, and doesn’t have the quotes and commas around it. You can quickly modify the […]

Generate SQL Insert Statements (to Transfer Data)

From time to time, I need to transfer data from one database to another. RedGate Data Compare is my to tool of choice, but not all clients have a license for it ($495 for SQL Data Compare, $1795 for the Developer Suite). I also like SQL Database Compare if I need to sync DDL (tables, […]

BT2004 How to Specify Test Map Instance Filename

Yes, today we are stepping into our magic time machine, and going back to BizTalk 2004. Why? Because that’s what I had to do at work today. And I forgot a few basics from that long ago time. I needed to test a map in Visual Studio – and I was totally lost. I googled, […]

How to Lookup ServerName from IPAddress

Sometimes, in a large company with undocumented servers, you find an IP Address, and you need to know what server it is. For example, the other day I found a URL of a web service. I pinged the URL, which gives the IP Address. But I needed to know the server name: nbstat -a xx.xx.xx.xx […]

BizTalk Deploy – The server was not found or was not accessible

When you Deploy a BizTalk project, it has to update a BizTalk SQL database, which by default is called BizTalkMgmtDB. Suppose you have been using BizTalk on the same server for days, weeks, or months, and you open someone else’s project, change the server name, and get the error below. That’s the specific case I’m […]