How long does it take to install BizTalk?

Of course, the answer is “that depends”.

1. Do you already have downloads of files to be installed. This alone can take hours if you are downloading from MSDN subscription library (for example: Win2008, SQL 2008, Visual Studio, and BizTalk, and sometimes additiona prereqs an Ser). I would allow about 4-8 hours just for these downloads, but of course, you can be working on other things while they are downloading. If you are fortunate to have all these files ready to go, you will save time.

2. What are you starting with ?
a) Has someone already installed Windows for you?
b) Is IIS installed or enabled on Windows ?
c) Are you connecting to an existing SQL server, or are you going to install SQL also.
d) Is the appropriate version of Visual Studio already installed?

3. BizTalk install itself takes only about 10 minutes, but after that, you have to run the Configure utility. This usually takes 15-45 minutes, when things work well. When you have errors, and have to re-run and investigate the logs, it obviously takes longer.

Here’s a big picture example. This week, I started with “nothing”, and it took me about 3 days (part time) to install two virtual machines. One was BT2009 with SQL 2009 (not R2), and another with BT2010, VS2010, and SQL2008R2.

So when your boss asks you, “How long will it take to install BizTalk”, you can reply with some of the questions above, and hopefully give him a more intelligent answer.

SQL 2008 R2

Unfortunately, I wasted a few hours today. My current customer is still on BT2006/R2, but might be moving to BT2009 or BT2010 soon. I was building-out a Virtual PC with Win 2008, and just assumed that I could run BT2009 with SQL2008/R2. Well you cannot! I guess BT2010 will be the first version of BizTalk to work with SQL2008/R2.

You normally think that something small like an R2 won’t make that much a different, but indeed it does.

Here’s where I got confirmation of this:
Stack Overflow 2966186

You have to open the install log to see the error – and it’s various ambigous:

[13:05:10 Error BtsCfg] Failed to create Management database “BizTalkMgmtDb” on server “WhatEver”.
Error “0x80040E1D” occurred. Other blogs talk about this error being caused by not having Case-Insenstive turned on for you SQL Server. I guess basically, it means BizTalk doesn’t like something about your SQL server, but sadly, it doesn’t really tell you what it that it doesn’t like.

When will Microsoft start making user-friendly errors? LOL.
And when will the numbering schemes for the products make sense? More Laughter!